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Official Launch of Trade Club Alliance

Leading Banks such as Santander, Eurobank, MUFG , Standard Bank and more recently came together in London to officially launch the Trade Club Alliance, powered by Export Enterprises digital solutions. The global initiative of 14 banks aims to make international trade simpler and better by providing business clients with business opportunities based on their unique profiles. As the technology partner to the Trade Club Alliance, Export Enterprises will continue to work with each bank to improve and enhance the machine learning technology powering the Trade Club Alliance.

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14 partner banks reveal Trade Club Alliance’s platform

GTR: Oct. 2, 2019

Banks from across the world have come together to officially launch the Trade Club Alliance’s digital platform to “matchmake” cross-border trading partners.

The platform, led by Santander, uses machine-learning technology, which links up businesses that are looking to trade goods internationally by providing key market information such as rules on regulations, trade tariffs, currency analysis, market trends and shipping requirements, in a secure, online location. Companies are also able to seek advice on financial products that would suit their needs from any one of the 14 alliance banks currently on the platform.

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Banks join forces on digital platform to help firms trade

From Finextra | Oct. 1, 2019: A group of 14 banks - including Santander, RBC and MUFG - has launched a digital platform designed to tackle international trade barriers.The Trade Club Alliance aims to identify businesses that are looking to trade goods internationally and provide them with insight on regulations and trade tariffs for the relevant countries.

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RBC launches Back-end to help RMS

RBC will launch a specialised back-end interface to help RMs onboard and assist their clients and prospects on RBC Global Connect. RBC Global Connect is a intuitive online resource to help Canadian businesses find new opportunities abroad by utilising EE's international trade resources and through the Trade Club Alliance, an network of 16 banks connecting their clients through our B2B matchmaking algorithm and Community Manager services.

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A Trade Portal for SMEs in Catalonia

Catalonia Trade and Investment alongside Accio have partnered with Export Enterprises to launch the Catalonia Trade Portal, a digital environment to help importers and exporters find new business opportunities in global markets by utilising our extensive library of resources and tools dedicated to international trade development. By gaining access to key market information businesses will be able to enter new markets with greater ease and transparency.

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