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Trade APIs

Enrich the UX of your Platforms by adding Trade Data Interfaces powered by our Trade APIs. Let your users explore markets, find counterparts, check trade compliance and much more

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Trade Data APIs

Trade APIs are a simple way to allow the users of your application to find content related to:

  • MODULE 1

    Global Markets

    Identify the best markets to trade: 190 "doing business" guides, product specific import-export flows and more.

  • MODULE 2

    Market Information

    Gain Access to key market information: over 25k market reports, 12k trade shows, 3k professional associations and more.

  • MODULE 3

    Worldwide Counterparts

    Find Counterparts and business opportunities: 1,5M+ importers and suppliers worldwide, international tenders, 3k business directories, etc.

  • MODULE 4

    Trade Compliance Data

    Get Support with trade compliance resources: custom duties calculators, import/export controls, shipping document, blacklisted counterparts...

Key Benefits

  • Plug-and-play new features into your existing digital interfaces
  • Design your own UX based on our existing Trade Data
  • Stay in control of user management, user data and tracking

Simple Maintenance

  • Content Updating: Content is updated and maintained continuously
  • IT Security: All communications are fully secured and tested
  • Monitoring: All traffic (queries/responses) is monitored by the API Gateway

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