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The Business Community

The Business Community platform designed by Export Enterprises is an online platform that generates real-time business matches and opportunities for your trusted customers. It has proven to be one of the most advanced solutions for turning a list of customers into a network built around business growth. This solution allows the interconnection of several business communities, thus creating cross-border opportunities.

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As a reference, this software solution powers the Trade Club Alliance, a community of over 15 banks worldwide linking their business customers across multiple geographies for the purpose of cross-border business matchmaking.

Key Features

The Business Community includes the following key features.

  • Account Management and Preferences

    Users can easily create their business profile, manage their account and invite colleagues to join

  • Directory Access

    All users have full access to the entire directory of Members in their Business Community

  • Matchmaking Suggestions

    All company profiles receive matchmaking suggestions with fellow members, powered by our algorithm as well as handpicked by a Community Manager

  • Request for Offers

    Users can post and respond to specific Request for Offers created by users within the Community

  • Private Messaging Capabilities

    All users can contact fellow members through a private messaging system, users will also receive direct email notifications on all incoming messages

Back-End Platform

Each platform is developed with a back-end to provide monitoring and tracking on all activity of the front-end experience.

With the ability to:

  • View and manage users
  • On-board new users
  • Monitor traffic and track individual user activity

Key Benefits

The platform has the ability to:

  • Create a completely new value proposition for your business customers
  • Give your customers a reason to need your services, therefore increase upselling capabilities and enhance custom retention

Customizable Features

EE’s Business Community platform is designed with customizable features to ensure each community is unique to its brand and geographical location.

Based on:

  • Your design, legal and compliance specifications
  • Optionally, your content, banners and video, promotional material, links and much more

Implementation Methods

The Business Community features can be deployed as:

  • A white labelled standalone platform based on your graphic guidelines
  • (coming soon) Secure APIs to power the user experience of your existing platform(s)

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